My husband John has been honing his beekeeping skills for the past several years, with help and guidance from an experienced beekeeper and friend. He has slowly increased production and now offer our artisanal honey for sale at two local stores and here at our webstore. Our honey has a unique flavor, depending on which plants and wildflowers did the best in that particular growing season. Our bees gather nectar in the wild, riparian area along Dupuyer Creek and are not exposed to pesticides. This nectar comes from bergamot, wood's rose, sweet clover, red clover, blazing star, diamond willow, chokecherry and serviceberry, to name a few.

Our 2013 honey was a lovely pale amber, with mild flavor. Unfortunately, it is mid-July and we have sold out! Our first extraction will take place in early August, so check back for our 2014 offering. Honey from this part of the world is considered to be some of the finest and we are excited to share ours with you! *Note: Natural, raw honey crystallizes over time. To slow this process down, store your honey in a warm place. In winter we store it on a shelf over our woodstove.

Natural Honey

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